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Simple Ways to Pay Less for Internet Service

From streaming video to original programming, there has never been more to watch on the Internet, and that makes having the fastest service possible more important than ever before. Unfortunately, those high speeds can come with a high cost, and that could really eat into your family budget.

Many people find themselves spending hundreds of dollars a month for phone, Internet and cable service, and they often wonder if they are really getting their money's worth. If you find yourself in the same situation, you may be able to lower your costs and get more for every dollar you spend. Here are some simple yet effective ways to squeeze more out of every online dollar.

Call Your Internet Service Provider

If you cannot remember the last time you contacted your ISP, you may be paying too much for the level of service you are getting. Simply calling your Internet service provider and asking for a lower price or better package is one of the best ways to trim your cost and boost your service.

Keep in mind that the person who answers the phone may not be authorized to give you a lower price, so it pays to be persistent. If you get nowhere with the front-line service representative, ask for a customer retention specialist. Internet service providers employ use customer retention specialists to convince customers to stay with them. They know that it costs far more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one, and they know that lowering prices is one way to keep current customers happy.

Be specific when talking to the customer retention specialist. If you want a lower rate, specify how much you are willing to pay and be prepared to negotiate. Starting with a lower price point than you really want will give you some wiggle room and still get you a great price.

Be Prepared to Switch

Calling your current ISP is a great place to start, but you need to be willing to make the switch if need be. Before you call your current provider, you should take a look at competing offers and be ready to negotiate.

Having competitive pricing information at the ready allows you to negotiate from a position of strength, but it does more than that. If you do not succeed with your current ISP, having alternative pricing information ready makes it that much easier to switch.

Switching Internet service providers can be a hassle, but it is a one-time pain that can pay off handsomely in the end. If you are willing to endure a day or two of disruption, you could save hundreds o dollars a year - money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Basic Low-Cost Internet Service

Cable and Internet companies do not advertise this option, and once you see the details you will understand why. If you have a child at home who is enrolled in the National School Lunch Program, you may be able to get a basic no-frills connection for as little as $10 a month through your cable company.

This is definitely something you will need to ask for, and you may need to ask for a supervisor to find complete information. You will also need to submit documentation to prove your eligibility, so make sure you have that information ready when you call. You may not get the fastest speed available, but if your child needs an Internet connection to do homework, it is hard to beat that $10 price tag.

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