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Best providers of Broadband Internet

When purchasing home Internet or deciding to switch to another local provider, your choices are limited to your local cable or telephone company. Although not all these companies offer service in your area, these are in my opinion, the best providers of broadband Internet. This conclusion is based on a combination of number of subscribers, national footprint and Internet speeds.

Charter - Is one of the leading cable providers offering Internet, TV and telephone services that can also be purchased together as a bundle. Available in select states, charter offers spectrum Internet with speeds starting at 60 Mbps, 20x faster than DSL. Spectrum TV and Phone can be purchased standalone or together as a package.

Comcast - The largest cable company, Comcast features Xfinity Internet, with broadband speeds up to 105 Mbps, you can be certain that you are getting bang for your buck. Internet plans feature cable television and home phone service. Comcast high-speed access is ranked as one of the fastest.

AT&T - The second largest Internet provider with DSL and the popular fiber optic service U-verse from AT&T. Available in various states including Texas, California and Florida, U-verse Internet, with U-verse TV and Phone can be packaged together for affordable cost savings than by purchasing these services alone.

Time Warner - Second just behind Comcast in cable Internet subscribers, Time Warner is introducing speeds in select areas of NYC and Los Angeles of up to 300 Mbps. Services are provided in many states, especially in the northeast. Various high-speed Internet plans are offered with best in class cable and residential telephone service.

CenturyLink - With roughly 6 million subscribers, Centurylink based in Louisiana boasts of speeds up to 40 Mbps. Services offered include broadband Internet, phone service and TV. CenturyLink is rolling out speeds up to 1 gig in select cities including Denver and Las Vegas.

Verizon - Named the fastest Internet speed by PC mag in 2013, Fios by Verizon will meet most demands including streaming movies, uploading pictures and downloading large files. Verizon broadband speeds are up to 500 Mbps, which can download the equivalent of 200 pictures in 4 seconds. You can purchase a double play or triple play bundle, which includes Television and broadband phone service. Verizon earns our top spot with blazing Internet speeds.

As the carriers that offer Internet can vary by cities, you can view the providers that offer high-speed Internet service in your location by imputing your address and zip code at broadband map.

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