Internet options  

What type of Internet options are available for you and your family?

Choosing the right Internet options for your needs

Whether you just moved into your home or are looking for Internet service for the first time, choosing an Internet provider can be a hassle.

Do you need just a basic connection or are you looking for an Internet bundle with TV, Internet and home phone? When you package all 3 services together, the cable or phone company will usually give you a discount by purchasing everything all at once and with the same carrier. If purchased alone, Internet can be costly and not make as much sense as buying a package that will make it cheaper for you to afford and help you lower your monthly household bills.

You should also contemplate what type of speed you need for your web surfing habits. Will you be doing basic browsing or do you desire faster connection speeds so you can play games and or use applications that require a faster broadband connection? Internet access speed can vary from very slow dial-up to faster connections such as DSL, Cable Internet and fiber optic service, from providers such as Verizon.

Your choices may potentially be limited depending on where you live. If you live in a big city, more often than not, you will have more Internet choices than by living in a small town or rural location. Satellite Internet is usually available in remote locations. Although usually fast, satellite can be spotty during inclement weather. In most circumstances a satellite connection will give you years of reliable service and a good television experience.

If you choose wisely, most of the time Internet and cable providers will have promotions ongoing. You may find deals or offers that can land you a gift card bonus or a cheaper monthly bill for 12 to 24 months. Offers can also include a free router or even a tablet computer if you qualify at sign up.

You may also decide to not purchase high-speed Internet service and use your smartphone 4g signal to surf the web. The trend has been that people are now using there phones instead of a desktop or laptop to go on the Internet. Remember though that you are using your cell phone data plan and can easily go over your allotted minutes unless your have an unlimited plan.

So shop around and decide how fast of a connection you want and whether you need standalone Internet or want to purchase a package that will make it more affordable for you and your family.

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